Personalized Tie-Dye Color Changing Cold Cup w/ Clear Color Straw & lid

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Are You looking for some color changing cups?
well look no more!

These are reusable cups and changes colors when cold/Ice is added!
Just allow me to add your personal touch!

This item is PVC plastic and BPA free
This item is non toxic
Zero Waste/ Environmental Friendly
Permanent Vinyl is used for longevity

***We are not responsible for any damages you caused to your bottles, replacements will not be issued***

Please Note: Name/Phases/Quotes will be printed EXACTLY as you type them including punctuation. Some Fonts are uppercase and some are lower case. You will be send a draft before the final print please check emails!

Care Instructions:
- Handwash ONLY
-Gently Scrub with soap and Water (Do not Soak)
-No Dishwasher
-No Mircowave
-Not recommended for hot drinks

Any Special request please message for a Custom Form
Please submit any logos you will like!




B1: White

B2: Light Pink 

B3: Peach

B4: Pink

B5: Barbie Pink

B6: Coral

B7: Orange

B8: Neon 

B9: Red

B9: Burgundy

B10: Yellow

B11: Sunshine

B12: Yellow Green

B13: Light Green

B14: Green

B15: Dark Green

B16: Teal

B17: Blue

B18: Navy

B19: Light Purple

B20: Purple

B21: Voilet 

B22: Nude 

B23: Tan

B24: Black

GD1: Peach

GD2: Pastel Yellow

GD3: Pink

GD4: Blue

GD5: Green

H1: Yellow

H2: Pink

H3: Purple

H4: Red

H5: Opal

H6: Silver

H7: Gold

H8: Blue

C1: White/Blue

C2: Yellow/Green

C3: Pink/Purple

G1: Light Pink

G2: Barbie

G3: Pink 

G4: Red

G5: Dark Red

G6: Blue

G7: Light Green

G8: Green

G9: Silver


S1: White

S2: Red

S3: Yellow

S4: Green

S5: Blue

S6: Purple

P1: Rainbow

P2: Tie Dye

P3: Funhouse

P4: Cancer Ribbon

P5: Sunflower

P6: Roses

P7: Rainbow Paint

P8: Butterfly

P9: Pastel Paint

P10: Pink Tie-Dye

P11: Fiesta 

P12: Pineapple

P13: Pastel Mix

P14: Sprinkle

P15: Pink cheetah

P16: Houndstooth

P17: Psychedelic

P18: Swirl

P19: Mermaid

P20: Fire

P21: Airbrush

P22: Cheetah

M1: Silver

M2: Rose Gold

M3: Green

M4: Gold

M5: Etching Creme