Personalized Reflective Shadow Box

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Looking for something to give her for mothers day? For her Birthday? valentines day? or just because?
Look no further!
Giver her flowers that last forever and she will love!

This shadow box is perfect for her with the gorgeous hand-rolled red paper flowers in the shape of a her favorite brand. You are about to make her day, week, month and year with this thoughtful and handmade gift.

This shadow box comes in multiple size that you can choose from!

Personalize this shadow box with different colors and adding a name or a quote.


✔White Shadow Box
✔ 8x8, 8x10, 12x12 & 11x14
✔Permanent Vinyl
✔Personalized with a Reflective background
✔Personalized with names
✔ Image shown above may be larger than actual product
✔ Color on screen may vary due to monitor settings, if you have any additional questions feel free to send me a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Because this item is customized and made just for you, we do NOT accept RETURNS OR REFUNDS unless it was a mistake on our part.

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B1: White

B2: Light Pink 

B3: Peach

B4: Pink

B5: Barbie Pink

B6: Coral

B7: Orange

B8: Neon 

B9: Red

B9: Burgundy

B10: Yellow

B11: Sunshine

B12: Yellow Green

B13: Light Green

B14: Green

B15: Dark Green

B16: Teal

B17: Blue

B18: Navy

B19: Light Purple

B20: Purple

B21: Voilet 

B22: Nude 

B23: Tan

B24: Black

GD1: Peach

GD2: Pastel Yellow

GD3: Pink

GD4: Blue

GD5: Green

H1: Yellow

H2: Pink

H3: Purple

H4: Red

H5: Opal

H6: Silver

H7: Gold

H8: Blue

C1: White/Blue

C2: Yellow/Green

C3: Pink/Purple

G1: Light Pink

G2: Barbie

G3: Pink 

G4: Red

G5: Dark Red

G6: Blue

G7: Light Green

G8: Green

G9: Silver


S1: White

S2: Red

S3: Yellow

S4: Green

S5: Blue

S6: Purple

P1: Rainbow

P2: Tie Dye

P3: Funhouse

P4: Cancer Ribbon

P5: Sunflower

P6: Roses

P7: Rainbow Paint

P8: Butterfly

P9: Pastel Paint

P10: Pink Tie-Dye

P11: Fiesta 

P12: Pineapple

P13: Pastel Mix

P14: Sprinkle

P15: Pink cheetah

P16: Houndstooth

P17: Psychedelic

P18: Swirl

P19: Mermaid

P20: Fire

P21: Airbrush

P22: Cheetah

M1: Silver

M2: Rose Gold

M3: Green

M4: Gold

M5: Etching Creme